Thai GAA Mystery Tour


The Thai GAA are a trusting bunch. In February 2018, they handed over their 3200 thb and got in a van. With just a short list of what to pack, they headed into the sunset, miles away from Bangkok.
What they got was a weekend full of muck and splashes and the sadly not-pictured karaoke bacchanal. Jessica’s foot needed another 3 months of rehab, and Ger can never watch Dirty Dancing ever again.

It was all worth it though…for the craic was mighty.

Special Offer on your next insurance scam

My longtime friend troll recently explained that if he faked his death in an Insurance scam, he had a couple in mind to take his kids.
No submission process, no applications or committee hearings…nothing! I protested loudly and lengthily and decided to make a serious appeal for recognition in the following video.

So GUYS, when you fake your death to get Insurance money, please consider donating to me the children you do not yet have. It’s only reasonable.

Special thanks to my sisters, niece and nephew for appearing in this video. If we get custody of the Anderson kids, I will let you babysit them and drive them to oboe¬†recitals and math club. Because I’m not doing it.

Update: The emotionally persuasive nature of the epic video above has forced the future felons to reconsider their approval process. SUCCESS!