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Amazing band names (with logos)

Here’s a fun selection of logos I’ve made over the years for fake bands that should have been- mostly inspired by bizarre inside jokes.

Heroin Parachuters was based on my misunderstanding of a MGMT lyric. Sonny and the Wailers is a hound and his band (if the universe is ever fair)


Cannot remember why this came about except that Rugby was involved. We toured the Southeast quite successfully in 2005


This was not intended to be a band, just a race team for GYN nurses. Still …..


Again, not a band, just a rib cooking contest




Am I just a Web Designer?

This occurred to me as I was taking the ‘A List Apart Survey’….


Even though I solidly checked ‘Web Designer’ as a profession, I do actually perform all these tasks…daily

  • Graphic design
  • Page layout, interface design
  • Information architecture, wireframing, sitemapping
  • Markup, e.g., HTML, XHTML, XML
  • CSS coding
  • Usability testing/knowledge
  • Accessibility testing/knowledge
  • Findability/search engine optimization/search engine marketing
  • Front-end programming, e.g., JavaScript
  • Image editing and production
  • Writing, editing
  • Project management

So can I change my title…to Web Site Super-Maker or something ?