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Eat like a King in Key West

I got back from a trip to Key West last weekend with my wonderful adopted Godmother Dorry, her friend Max, and my beloved. From Yelp reviews and co-worker recommendations, we ate like kings. Positively one of the best food-trips I have ever had! Here’s where we ate.

Lunch: B.O.’s Wagon

BO’s Fish Wagon

This shack, yes, it’s a food truck with some boards around it, has the best conch fritters on the island. Dorry and Mike had fried fish, but I stuck with the classics.

The wagon is near a marina and is cash only. I recommend washing it down with a Corona, to make sure the island vibe kicks in.

BO’s on Yelp

Sunset from Mallory square


Dinner: Bagatelle

Ahi Tuna at Bagatelle

We dipped in here after a technicolor Mallory Square sunset. I would usually caution against eating ON Duval, but it had great reviews and thunder was threatening. The restaurant is a converted victorian, which lends charm and heat!

Waiting for a table, we sat at the outside bar, eating mussels and drinking Triple Karmelit (for a whopping $10/glass)

Once seated upstairs in comfy wicker chairs, we feasted on Ahi tuna, lobster, pasta and lots of bread. My tuna was perfectly done, the pyramid of fresh fish hiding the seaweed salad and asian slaw underneath. Bagatelle on Yelp

Drinks: Green Parrot

Everyone will tell you this is the best bar in Key West and rightly so. A block off Duval it attracts a crowd of crusty locals, Navy pilots (lucky me!) and the nice type of tourists who just want to blend in and observe. The band that night was from New Orleans, so we were treated to trumpets, kazoos and an impromptu parade around the bar from the wind section.

We were so enamored with the atmosphere, we returned to quench our thirst the next day (they have a decent beer selection) and got branded key chain-bottle openers. In the shape of a parrot, of course! Green Parrot on Yelp 

Brunch: Blue Heaven

Open air breakfast

This had been recommended so many times, I had to drag the group through the heat to this legend. Nearer the Hemmingway House, the restaurant is a loose collection of tables in a mulch-covered courtyard. The atmosphere comes from the brightly-painted bar, the low umbrellas, music stage and the cocky chickens.

During my delicious shrimp omelette, we watched the true owners of this place chase each other, jump up on umbrellas and awnings, and generally act the fool. It almost distracted me from my mimosa!
Their banana bread was recommended, and it was excellent. Be sure to check dining times, as they close in the afternoon. And when you’re stuffed, go across the street to Wanderlust, a darling boutique owned by a High School classmate.  Blue Heaven on Yelp