Stephanie’s Parisian Living Room


< I put this together for Stephanie, my Francophile, New York Chic Spanish friend who is moving into a new apartment in Miami. There are girly accents in the pink and grey pillows, countered by a basic Ikea sofa in classic beige. Dark but graphic rugs anchor all the pink, and a sheepskin rug adds warmth and texture. A desk with baroque lines and a delicate chandelier are hints to the decadence of Paris. The mirrored coffee table is chunky and stylish, and undoubtedly French.

A bright pink print of a paper-cut map of paris lends some local charm, next to 20×200 prints of Anna Wintour/Karl Lagerfeld and a collection of scooters. Accessories lend the final layer with a metal bicycle wall hanging and baskets that would be at home on your velo on the boulevard Ste Germain.

Enjoy Cherie!