Amazing band names (with logos)

Here’s a fun selection of logos I’ve made over the years for fake bands that should have been- mostly inspired by bizarre inside jokes.

Heroin Parachuters was based on my misunderstanding of a MGMT lyric. Sonny and the Wailers is a hound and his band (if the universe is ever fair)


Cannot remember why this came about except that Rugby was involved. We toured the Southeast quite successfully in 2005


This was not intended to be a band, just a race team for GYN nurses. Still …..


Again, not a band, just a rib cooking contest




Stephanie’s Parisian Living Room


< I put this together for Stephanie, my Francophile, New York Chic Spanish friend who is moving into a new apartment in Miami. There are girly accents in the pink and grey pillows, countered by a basic Ikea sofa in classic beige. Dark but graphic rugs anchor all the pink, and a sheepskin rug adds warmth and texture. A desk with baroque lines and a delicate chandelier are hints to the decadence of Paris. The mirrored coffee table is chunky and stylish, and undoubtedly French.

A bright pink print of a paper-cut map of paris lends some local charm, next to 20×200 prints of Anna Wintour/Karl Lagerfeld and a collection of scooters. Accessories lend the final layer with a metal bicycle wall hanging and baskets that would be at home on your velo on the boulevard Ste Germain.

Enjoy Cherie!